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Introducing Mile High Dental Centers and Dr. Malcolm E. Boone II, D.D.S., M.S., a Denver, Colorado dentist and his team of caring dental professionals who are trained in the latest techniques in virtually "pain-free" care. Relax in a soothing environment during your dental treatment. Wake up to a healthy smile with amazingly comfortable conscious Sedation Dentistry.

Your Comfort Is Our Primary Concern - Sedation Dentistry provided to qualified patients.


Sedation dentistry comes in many forms. It may be as simple as some laughing gas which is very simple to use and reverse once the procedures are completed. Certain patients require more help. These may fall into a couple of other categories such as Oral sedation which is by using certain medications given orally or by mouth for the patient to relax and be able to sit through the procedures.

Others submitting themselves to extreme measures of corrections will be offered IV Sedation Dentistry. This form requires a small amount of special medications placed directly into the vein in a controlled fashion to relax the patient so much more dentistry can be performed during fewer procedures. Trained and Certified in IV sedation. Dr. Boone & his associates will be performing all Implant related surgical procedures for patients under IV sedation.

IV Sedation - Intravenous Sedation: a drug is used through an IV inserted into the arm to effect the sedation.

IV sedation gives our patients a peace of mind. This type of sedation can only be offered by dentists trained and licensed for conscious sedation. Some patients with long dental appointments also use this type of sedation to make their time with the dentist more pleasant. The licensed dentist has more control with the IV route than with the oral sedation delivery (pills). Medicines are delivered through an IV line placed in the arm. A comprehensive exam by a licensed dentist is necessary previous to the sedation appointment to determine dental needs and medical status of each patient.

Oral Sedation

Pills are taken orally to relieve light to severe fear and anxiety in patients. Any dentist is able to prescribe these medications as long as they follow the strict guidelines set by the American Dental Association. The patient gets to be in a very relaxed state during the dental procedures.

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